Thutmoses III



A warrior-king, face filled with unstoppable determination.


Thutmoses III was a powerful mage and Pharaoh of ancient Egypt, coming to power with the covert help of Hamakesh and the priests of Amon in 1479 BC. However it was Hathshepsut who really ruled.

In 1432 BC, Neheb-Kau returned to Egypt and enlisted the help of Thutmoses III against Hathshepsut and her vampiric sponsor. Together they confronted the vampire and his ghoul. In a vicious battle, Hathshepsut and Neheb-Kau perished. Thutmoses III left Hamakesh in his tomb, weakened and in torpor.

He returned to visit the ancient vampire shortly thereafter and agreed to help him return for being granted access to his vitae. Hamakesh accepted Thutmoses’ offer and granted the mage permission to drain great amounts of his vitae. Over the following years, Thutmoses watched over the tomb and expanded his understanding of the vampiric condition. All the while he groomed his successor Amenhotep II to receive his throne. Finally, in 1450 BC, Thutmoses purified Hamakesh’ vitae of its demonic taint and worked the Embrace on himself, becoming a Baali. Thutmoses then placed wards on Hamakesh’ tomb such that only his childer might enter it, promising the ancient that this would keep him safe from unwelcome intruders. However, he betrayed Hamakesh – additional wards also ensured that Hamakes could never leave. Thutmoses then faked his own death and departed Egypt for another future.

In time, he came to Greece, taking the name Democrates. It was there that he learned of dualism and Gnostic thought, and found a new path to walk. In 78 AD he was adopted by the Herements of Rome, where he Embraced Mahmoulian von Hildesheim in 235 AD. Mahmoulian slew his sire in 245 AD, due to his heresies and the growing suspicion that his Herement blood was actually Baali.

Sire: Hamakesh
Childer: Mahmoulian von Hildesheim

Thutmoses III

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