Tammuz el Amarna

Insane Mentor


A wild, crazed genius with unruly hair and an alarming-looking implement. Have you met Mr. Thingy?


Tammuz was a member of the Isean Pentad. At some point, his allegiance shifted to the Jade Circle and, with the help of Layla Madere, he betrayed the Pentad, shattering its ranks. He was later present at the execution of Petrus von Hapsburg.

Tammuz lived in a tower near Hohensalzburg Castle, practising his odd alchemical arts. While living there, he became mentor to Darius von Hapsburg.

When Jean-Baptiste de la Croix arrived at his tower in the company of Giacomo of Brindisium, Tammuz and Giacomo decided that Tammuz should take Darius and Jean-Baptiste to Constantinople to seek the advice of Sadharra.

Giacomo lodged charges against Tammuz with the Order of Hermes when he discovered the destruction of his home, laying the blame at Tammuz’ feet. Thrasiboulos bani Quaesitori was sent to investigate. This sent Tammuz into a protracted episode of Quiet.

Tammuz el Amarna

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