Petrus von Hapsburg

Doomed Visionary


A young man, fair of face and hair, with piercing eyes and a distracted air.


Born in 1151, Petrus von Hapsburg was the elder brother of Darius von Hapsburg, and a visionary with keen intellect. He saw angels and, more importantly, they saw him and spoke to him. Perhaps it was the zeal that this brought, or perhaps it was Petrus’ growing interest in the Bogomil heresies, but whatever the truth of it, he fell afoul of the church. Petrus was ambushed en route from Salzburg to Vienna and condemned to burn at the stake for heresy in Vienna in 1177. By the time his family arrived to speak on his behalf, his trial was over and they were just in time to witness his death. Tammuz el Amarna was present at his execution.

Petrus von Hapsburg

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