Petronius the Arbiter

Herement Quaesitor


A man in his early thirties, with deeper lines than his age would suggest. His harried expression hints at dark concerns within his mind.


Petronius was a Roman satirist livin in Nero’s time, known for his extraordinary taste, elegance, luxurious lifestyle and shameless hedonism. Nero had him named “arbiter” in a show of approval that lasted only briefly. Petronius penned the Satyricon, a renowned body of work that included the “Dinner of Trimalchio,” in which tales involving a werewolf and vampire were recounted. Though Petronius had no knowledge of the Cainites that infested Rome, Michael and the other Herements took notice.

When Petronius later fell from grace, he attempted to commit suicide rather than face the brutal death that undoubtedly awaited him. Michael intervened and brought the satirist into the Herement fold. The Embrace was enough to change Petronius. He was entranced by Michael’s beaury and abandoned his hedonistic ways. When the decision to leave for Byzantium was finally made, Petronius was one of the few Herements who joined Michael. Since that time, Petronius has been Constantinople’s muse ofthe minor arts. With Euphemia’s death and Michael’s deepening insanity, he has retaken his old tide of arbiter as well, and assumed the positions of Quaesitor and family leader. Petronius believes in the patriarch’s divinity and considers himself Michael’s majordomo.

Sire: Michael the Patriarch

Petronius the Arbiter

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