Peter Culliford

Lost Soul


A young, blonde-haired knight with an easy smile and haunted eyes.


Peter is the bastard son of Alfric Culliford and Marialea of Carcasonne – and therefore the half-brother of Jacopo d’Anjou. His father took him from Marialea when he was born and ensured that he would become a Templar.

Peter was squired to Johan Kromrich and based at an unknown German Preceptory. He accompanied Kromrich on a hunt for the Turases Papyri and tangled with Jean-Baptiste de la Croix, giving the latter a scar to remember him by.

Following his knighting in Constantinople, Peter was assigned Lucius von Schlesinger as squire and continued to assist Kromrich and Dieter von Hinkel in their attempts to root out spiritual corruption in the city. He made a misguided attempt to recruit Jacopo to this same cause.

Peter Culliford

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