Ancient Undying


A slender man with skin that seems to glimmer of its own accord, like sunlight captured in clay. His gaze is distant, as if he seeks for memories that have slipped away, like the sands of time between age-old fingers. He dresses in robes that, while unobtrusive, are strangely anachronistic, their fashion long out of date.


Neheb-Kau is a Reborn and one of the last members of the Shemsu Heru. In 2742 in Dynastic Egypt, Neheb-Kau foiled a plan by Hamakesh to take the elder Brothers Eternal into darkness via the Embrace.

Neheb-Kau departed Egypt, but returned in 1432 BC. With the help of Thutmoses III, he confronted Hamakesh and his ghoul servant Queen Hathshepsut. Although Hathshepsut was slain, the confrontation cost Neheb-Kau his life, and once more he entered the afterlife.

Later he became a member of the Isean Pentad. With the help of Tammuz el Amarna, Layla Madere used Decani magic to trick Neheb-Kau into seducing Concepcion de Aragon and fathering Darius von Hapsburg as the Elder Brother. His dismay at this failure sent him into isolation. Layla returned 5 years later and seduced Neheb-Kau herself, giving birth to Jean-Baptiste de la Croix as the Younger Brother. This was the final straw for the Isean Pentad, and Neheb-Kau and Layla were both killed by Antoine de la Croix and Giacomo of Brindisium.


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