Marialea of Carcasonne

Fallen Woman


A woman, old before her years, blinded and ravaged by syphillis.


A whore of Carcasonne, Marialea was a Portuguese Jew. She fell in love with Claude d’Anjou and bore him a son, Jacopo d’Anjou. Not long thereafter, however, she had a dalliance with Alfric Culliford, which likewise produced a son, Peter Culliford

When Peter was born, his father took him away, but Claude abandoned Marialea to her fate and she was left to raise Jacopo alone. When Jacopo was 15, Marialea took him to the Paris Preceptory and used her connections to have him taken on there as a stable boy. She then kissed her son farewell and left him to his fate.

Marialea of Carcasonne

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