Mahmoulian von Hildesheim

Tragic Sire


A grim-faced, morose warrior with centuries of regret etched on his unaging features. He wears templar robes or armour, as need dictates, and carries an aged broadsword at his side. His skin seems drawn over his bones, tight and dry, and his eyes are dead and empty of all hope, testament to the many dreams he has slain or abandoned on his road throughout unlife.


Mahmoulian is a Baali vampire, the sire of Jacopo d’Anjou, Grigor and Parmikos, and the domitor of Caldric Tytalus.

Mahmoulian was Embraced by Democrates in 235 AD, believing him to be a Herement. He soon discovered his sire’s heresies, however, and this – combined with suspicions about the true nature of his blood – led him to kill Democrates in 245 AD.

Throughout the following seven centuries, Mahmoulian fought for the preservation of the Orthodox church. He came to believe that his vampirism was both a test from God and means by which he could further his personal fight.

In 1025 AD, he encountered Andrew of Normandy and converted to Catholicism. He donned the persona of von Hildesheim and entered the Catholic church. Before long, he was able to secure a place as a member of the Cabal of Pure Thought, much to the alarm of the mortal members of that group when they discovered his vampiric nature.

Mahmoulian came to Constantinople and was able to persuade Euphemia of Thessaly to sponsor the creation of a Templar Preceptory there. He began to sire a brood and build his power-base.

Sire: Thutmoses III
Childer: Grigor, Parmikos, Jacopo d’Anjou

Mahmoulian von Hildesheim

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