Johan Kromrich

Zealous Templar


A massive, crew-cut, square-jawed man with a non-nonsense air about him.


Johann Kromrich is a Templar, member of the Cabal of Pure Thought and knight of Peter Culliford. He was based at an unknown German Preceptory. Along with his colleague Dieter von Hinkel, Kromrich pursued Jean-Baptiste de la Croix in search of the Turases Papyri. He tracked him to Salzburg, where he burned Giacomo of Brindisium’s house to the ground.

Following this, Kromrich and von Hinkel came to Constantinople chasing rumours of corruption in templar ranks and in the Cabal of Pure Thought. Mahmoulian von Hildesheim ordered Caldric Tytalus to subtly direct their attention away from himself towards other targets. They recruited Jacopo d’Anjou to their cause.

Despite their best attempts, Kromrich and von Hinkel were initially unable to directly locate any supernatural activity in the city, despite evidence of it being everywhere. Tytalus deftly deflected them from a number of potential successes, always keeping them one step behind their quarry.

Johan Kromrich

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