Kindred Spiritualist


Ionna is a tall, elegant woman with long brown hair and dark brown eyes; on the exceedingly rare occasions she ventures in public, she dresses exquisitely but conservatively. In her haven at the Dreaming Water Garden she typically wears a long, simple robe with sandals, much like she wore during life.


Ionna is a Herement vampire and childe of Marcellus and the domitor of Khaled. A native Egyptian, born in the early 7th century as Byzantine rule was waning, she was Embraced more as an act of whim than intent, and her already breathtaking beauty was only enhanced after her Embrace. However, she possessed a keen mind and proved herself to be far more than mere pulchritude.

For centuries Ionna has counselled Marcellus as she sees fit. At the same time, she learns as much about her world – both mundane and supernatural – as possible, and she claims to possess many books from the Alexandrian Library, currently thought to be either lost or destroyed.

Sire: Marcellus
Childer: Petronius


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