Ghouled Pharaoh


A mighty queen, hunger a palpable aura hanging about her.


Also known as Makare, Hathshepsut was a mage of ancient Egypt, a Pharaoh, and a ghoul of Hamakesh. Hamakesh dominated her family from his tomb and arranged for her to be in a position of incredible power.

Hathshepsut married Pharoah Thutmoses II and, with Hamakesh’ backing, persuaded the priests of Amon to help Thutmoses III become Pharaoh in 1479 BC – although it was Hathshepsut who actually ruled. Ghouled by Hamakesh, she was an awesome force. She hoped that Hamakesh would gift her with the Embrace, and ruled with an iron fist under his inspiration.

And then, in 1432 BC, Neheb-Kau returned. Realising what the situation was, he enlisted the help of Thutmoses III and together they confronted the vampire and his ghoul. In a vicious battle, Hathshepsut and Neheb-Kau perished. Thutmoses III staked Hamakesh and drained him of vitae, and then placed wards on his tomb such that only his childer might enter it, and Hamakesh himself never leave.


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