Giacomo of Brindisium

Foppish Survivor


An elegant man with short-cropped hair, a finely-combed goatee, an earring, and a long coat of brocaded burgundy silk.


Giacomo was a member of the Isean Pentad. When Tammuz el Amarna betrayed that group to Layla Madere, Giacomo and Antoine de la Croix killed Layla and Neheb-Kau.

Giacomo then set up a careful watch over Tammuz in Salzburg, unsure whether el-Amarna’s betrayal was intentional or due to some protracted Quiet. Tammuz alerted him to the attack on Jean-Baptiste de la Croix by Kromrich and von Hinkel, and Giacomo was able to use his Arts to save the young mage from the Templars.

Unfortunately, when the Templars arrived in Salzburg on his trail, they were unwittingly sent to Giacomo’s house by Darius von Hapsburg. Kromrich and von Hinkel burnt the place to the ground. Giacomo and Tammuz meanwhile decided that Tammuz should take Darius and Jean-Baptiste to Constantinople to seek the advice of Sadharra.

When Giacomo discovered what had happened to his home, he lodged charges against Tammuz with the Order of Hermes.

Giacomo of Brindisium

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