Palace Prefect


A stolid man in his fifties, with a calm expression and unblinking gaze.


Ducas was Embraced by Septima Dominica at the height of the second bout of Iconoclasm and witnessed Caius’ struggles with the Tzimisce and their mortal worshipers. Discovering the anti-Iconoclast writings of his destroyed grandsire Antonius, Ducas came to believe that Cainites should exist secretly, apart from mortals.

In the centuries since, Ducas has risen in the ranks of the Antonian Amari. He has always sought to expand his Iconoclastic views, undetmine the Obertus position and strengthen the empire. He Embraced Anna Comnena, hoping to make her an Iconoclast as well. Since then, however, Ducas has grown concerned by the bond that has formed between Anna and Symeon.

Sire: Septima Dominica
Childer: Anna Comnena


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