Darius von Hapsburg

Brother Eternal


Current Status: Deceased

Essence: Dynamic

Nature: Eye of the Storm

Demeanour: Loner

Strength00 Charisma0 Perception (Keen)0000
Dexterity000 Manipulation (Devious)0000 Intelligence000
Stamina00 Appearance00 Wits000

Alertness00 Hypnotism0 Culture (British)0
Athletics00 Etiquette0 Culture (Outremer)00
Awareness00 Meditation00 Alchemy000
Intimidation000 Melee000 Lore (Enead)00000
Larceny00 Research00 Occult000
Subterfuge (Lies)0000 Stealth0 Investigation00
Fortune Telling00 Poisons00

Connection0 Life00 Prime000
Entropy0 Matter Spirit000
Forces000 Mind00 Time0
Backgrounds Languages
Avatar00000 French
Arcane0000 German
Resources000 Latin
Library00 Egyptian
Mentor00 Literacy



Specialty Foci: unknown

Unique Foci: unknown

Resonance: unknown

Quintessence: 5

Paradox: -

Merits: -

Flaws: Enemy, Infamous Mentor, Insane Mentor, Phobia (deep water)

Avatar: He is one of the Brothers Eternal

Arcane: Like trying to find a needle in a haystack

Resources: Well to do. A member of a royal line.

Mentor: Tammuz, followed by Daud.

Library: He collected a few valuable tomes

Familiar: A Scarab beetle spirit called “Kheper”

Initiative: 6

Attack: Brawl 3/2B, Melee 6/5L

Defense: Dodge 5, Soak 3L

Move: Walk: 7 yds, Jog: 15 yds, Run: 29 yds/14 yds


Darius Atus Leopold Ferdinand Maria Josef von Habsburg was born on the 21st of December 1163 to Neheb-Kau and Concepcion de Aragon. Neheb-Kau had been deceived into seducing Concepcion by Layla Madere in order to bring about Darius birth as one of the Brothers Eternal. Although Concepcion’s husband, Herzog Leopold von Hapsburg knew of his wife’s infidelity, he turned a blind eye. After all, he already had an heir in the gifted Petrus von Hapsburg.

Petrus was burned at the stake for heresy in 1177 and Darius, racing with his parents to save his brother, arrived in time to witness his death throes. In response, Darius threw himself into the same occult studies that had fascinated his brother. This led him to an interest in ancient Egypt, and he sought out the erratic reculse Tammuz el Amarna, despite his “father’s” disapproval. Leopold, however, was all too happy to have Darius out of his sight. Although Darius did not learn why until years later, Leopold barely tolerated the bastard child in his household.

Tammuz took Darius on as his apprentice and began schooling him in the ways of Egyptian hekau. Darius first met Jean-Baptiste de la Croix when he and Giacomo of Brindisium visited Tammuz’ home in 1186. Darius also unfortunately revealed the location of Giacomo’s home to the templars Kromrich and von Hinkel – which they promptly burned to the ground.

Following this, Giacomo and Tammuz decided that Tammuz should take Darius and Jean-Baptiste to Constantinople to seek the advice of Sadharra.

Darius von Hapsburg

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