Cristobal de Aragon

The Brother That Never Was


A rangy, handsome Aragonese knight with a crooked smile, and warm, forgiving eyes. He seems ill at ease when in civilised company, hand absently straying to his sword hilt.


Cristobal was born in Aragon in 1157 and had a dubious beginning to his career (references to “the Butcher of Seville” may or may not refer to his earlier misdeeds.) He found faith and took the cross, becoming a Knight Templar. Most of his templar career was spent fighting the Seljuk in the east, before he was assigned to the fledgling Constantinople Preceptory.

Cristobal became Jacopo d’Anjou’s knight in March 1186, shortly after his previous squire (whom Cristobal only ever named as Julio) was slain in a battle with Seljuk raiders.

Cristobal is a genuinely good man, despite his past, but is uncomfortable unless out on the road or fighting the enemy. He tends to stiffen up and fall silent when out of his comfort zone.

Cristobal de Aragon

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