Anna Comnena

Amari Quaesitor


At Anna’s request, Symeon has reformed her into a woman of inhuman and predatory beauty. She wears elaborate clothing that marks her station.


Anna Comnena was born to rule – or so she thought. The eldest child of Emperor Alexius I Comnenus, she was betrothed to an imperial candidate at an early age and prepared for life as empress of New Rome. An avid student and brilliant thinker, she absorbed political, theological, scientific and philosophical teachings with a passion that stunned her tutors and made her parents proud. When her young brother John became heir apparent, however, her lifelong dreams were shattered. She fell into a bitter hatred for her fraternal rival and tried to have him killed. Her plots, however, were repeatedly thwarted, and John was eventually forced to exile her to a convent for the rest of her days. There she wrote her famous Alexiad. an account of her father’s reign.

Anna’s will and intelligence brought her to the attention of Ducas, the Amari guardian of the imperial family. He recognised nizcd in her the drive that could save the crumbling empire, but also the hatred and jealousy that could destroy it. When Anna was exiled, Ducas armnged to watch over her while she toiled at her chronicle. and he subtly guided her to understand her brother. When she laid down her pen after complering the Alexiad – her hatreds vented and purged-she prepared to die, hoping to make peace with her deceased brother in the hereafter. That was when Ducas took her.

As a vampire, Anna has found her drive reborn in a pure form. Bringing her knowledge and skill to the efforts of the Comneni’s mentor Belisarius, she has risen to become both Quaesitor and chamberlain, overseeing her c1anmates and opposing the old Caesar Magister Nicepherus. In the process she has gained a respect for the Quaesitors Symeon and Petronius the Arbiter. As Belisarius’ plans falter, however, and Nicepherus regains favor, Anna finds it increasingly difficult to ignore the call of blood and glory.

Sire: Ducas
Childer: Irene Stellas

Anna Comnena

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