Layla Madere

Crazed Witch


A tattered wreck of a woman with mangy hair, broken nails and mad, staring eyes.


Layla Madere is a member of the Jade Circle.

In 1163, Layla worked Decani magics on Neheb-Kau, so that he fathered Darius von Hapsburg. This broke the ranks of the Isean Pentad and drove Neheb-Kau into hiding. It took her another five years to return the younger Brother Eternal to the world, and this time she was forced to bear him herself, again through the seed of Neheb Kau.

When the Pentad discovered what Layla had done, Antoine de la Croix and Giacomo of Brindisium killed both her and Neheb-Kau.

Layla Madere

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