Jacopo d'Anjou,''Angel of Tears''

Sieur Jacopo d'Anjou d'Outremer, Comte d'Esdraelon


Clan: Salubri

Generation: 7th (through Diablerie)

Nature: Penitent

Demeanour: Defender

Strength00 Charisma (Angelic)0000 Perception000
Dexterity (Lithe)0000 Manipulation00 Intelligence (Sponge)0000
Stamina00 Appearance00 Wits00

Alertness000 Animal Ken0 Enigmas00
Athletics00 Etiquette0 History (Jewish)00
Cooking0 Meditation00 History (Military)00
Dancing0 Melee (Arabian)0000 Lore (Egyptian)000
Empathy00 Performance (Oratory)00 Lore (Kindred Origin Myths)0000
Performance (Song)00 Occult00
Ride00 Theology (Christian)000
Stealth000 Theology (Jewish)0

Disciplines Backgrounds Virtues
Auspex0000 Allies00 Conscience00000
Celerity000 Generation0000 Self-Control0000
Daimoinon0 Library (Cross-Indexing)0000 Courage0000
Fortitude000 Mentor0000

Path of the Penitent Shepherd
Aura: Holiness (-1)


Spend 5/turn

Clan Weakness: Lose a point of Willpower if you feed on an unwilling vessel

Merits: Fast Learner, Literacy, Unbondable, Scent of the Other, True Faith

Flaws: Code of Behaviour, Enemy, Infamous Sire, Stubborn

Allies: Myca Vykos, the Benjamin family of Venice

Mentor: Raviel of the Salubri

Havens: A modest townhouse in Venice, Borgo Castle near Bistritz

Initiative: 6

Attack: Brawl 4/2B, Melee 8/5LH

Defense: Dodge 6, Soak 6L (7L on torso)

Move: Walk: 7 yds, Jog: 16 yds, Run: 32 yds/16 yds

Languages: Arabic, Aramaic, Assyrian, Enochian, French, Greek, Hebrew, Ladino, Latin, Mittani, Spanish

Apparent Age: 21

Height: 1m65

Weight: 53kg


Born in 1165 as the bastard son of Claude d’Anjou and Marialea of Carcasonne, Jacopo was abandoned by his father when Marialea became pregnant with Peter Culliford by Alfric Culliford. Alfric took Peter as soon as he was born and Jacopo was raised alone by his mother.

When Jacopo was 15, Marialea took him to the Paris Preceptory, and demanded entrance and an audience with the captain of the guard. Jacopo was left alone outside. When Marialea emerged, she kissed her son and left him. Jacopo was taken in by the templars as a stable-boy. It would be many years before he learned of the connections that had allowed his mother to give her son this gift.

Jacopo became a shield-bearer at 18 and was squired to Alfric Culliford at 20. The next year he embarked on a voyage to Constantinople, a journey that would change his life beyond his wildest imaginings.

In Constantinople, Jacopo was squired to Cristobal de Aragon. He met Darius von Hapsburg and Jean-Baptiste de la Croix and was recruited by Kromrich and von Hinkel to help root out corruption in the local templarate.

Jacopo was Embraced by Mahmoulian von Hildesheim. As such, he believed himself to be a Herement, although his actual bloodline was Baali. How Jacopo the Baalim became Sieur Jacopo d’Anjou d’Outremer, Comte d’Esdraelon, aka ‘Angel of Tears’, and a Salubri, Blooded through the ancient rite of Samael…that is a long, long story…enjoy the read!

Sire (Baalim): Mahmoulian von Hildesheim

Jacopo d'Anjou,''Angel of Tears''

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