Irene Stellas

Domestic Prefect


A pretty, haughty, young woman of the Byzantine nobility, dressed modestly but tastefully in the fashion of the Imperial court and displaying little wealth. She has long, wavy dark brown hair and piercing, light brown eyes.


A recent addition to the Antonian Amari hierarchy, Irene Stellas has the undesirable job ofreplacing Epirus, the domestic prefect who helped elicit the slaughter of Constantinople’s Latin population in 1185. Epirus and his Triolic ally Tribonus paid with Final Death for the infraction, and Anna Comnena placed her childe Irene in Epirus’ place. Irene was recently given permission to sire Jean de Lusignan. Irene is a member of the Dream Circle.

Sire: Anna Comnena
Childer: Jean de Lusignan

Irene Stellas

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