Baalim Ancestor


An ancient, demonic vampire, clad in the finery of forgotten ages.


Hamakesh is a vampire of the Baali bloodline and member of the Jade Circle. He has also used the pseudonym Turases II and been deceitfully conflated with Hathshepsut.

Hamakesh came to pre-dynastic Egypt, and found it firmly in the grip of the Sons of Sutekh, and so went into hiding. From behind the scenes, Hamakesh manipulated his way into a position of considerable influence over the growing Egyptian dynasties, including the 2nd Dynasty incarnations of the Brothers Eternal.

However, his greatest foes were not the Setites, but the Shemsu Heru. They discovered his involvement with the Brothers and one of their number – Neheb-Kau – took steps to thwart Hamakesh’ plots. In 2742 BC, Hamakesh was forced to fake his own demise and arrange for internment in a hidden tomb near Abydos. Neheb-Kau encoded the truth about Hamakesh’ haven in a series of five papyri.

Hamakesh endured for another millennium and more in this fashion. Changes in the power-structure in Egypt during the Hyskos invasions saw a decline in the power of the Shemsu Heru, and Hamakesh capitalised on this. From his tomb he was able to dominate a powerful mortal family and eventually arrange for a daughter of that family (Makare) to be in a position of incredible power.

Makare married Pharoah Thutmoses II and, with Hamakesh’ help, persuaded the priests of Amon to help Thutmoses III become Pharaoh in 1479 BC – although it was Makare who actually ruled. Ghouled by Hamakesh, she was an awesome force and took the name Hathshepsut. She hoped that Hamakesh would gift her with the Embrace, and ruled with an iron fist under his inspiration.

And then, in 1432 BC, Neheb-Kau returned. Realising what the situation was, he enlisted the help of Thutmoses III and together they confronted the vampire and his ghoul. In a vicious battle, Hathshepsut and Neheb-Kau perished. Hamakesh was left in torpor in his tomb. Thutmoses returned to visit the ancient vampire shortly thereafter and agreed to help him return for being granted access to his vitae. Hamakesh accepted Thutmoses’ offer and granted the mage permission to drain great amounts of his vitae.

In 1450 BC, Thutmoses finally learned how to purify Hamakesh’ vitae of its demonic taint and worked the Embrace on himself, becoming a Baali. Thutmoses then placed wards on Hamakesh’ tomb such that only his childer might enter it, promising the ancient that this would keep him safe from unwelcome intruders. However, he betrayed Hamakesh – additional wards also ensured that Hamakesh could never leave.

Sire: Shaitan
Childer:Thutmoses III


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