Euphemia of Thessaly

The Pale Queen


An icily beautiful woman, clad in elegant finery, her face devoid of any true emotion, eyes glimmering with ill-concealed contempt. Her clothes are those of a noblewoman from several centuries past and she wears a few simple baubles that are clearly hugely valuable despite their unassuming manufacture.


Euphemia is a Herement vampire and childe of Michael the Patriarch. She masquerades as a Greek noblewoman and patron of the arts and the Orthodox church from her home at Gethsemane. Her finance and vampiric discplines have placed her in complete control of Niketas II Mountanes, the Patriarch of the Church in Cosntantinople. She also controls the city’s night watch, the Scholai Guards, the maritime guild and two large mortal noble families, not to mention numerous ghouls among the clergy and the city’s architects.

Sire: Michael the Patriarch
Childer: Josias

Euphemia of Thessaly

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