Antoine de la Croix

False Father


A dark-haired man with narrow features and a wild anger burning in his eyes.


Antoine de la Croix was a mage and member of the Isean Pentad. When the Pentad discovered Layla Madere’s seduction of Neheb-Kau, Antoine and Giacomo of Brindisium killed them both. Antoine took Layla’s child Jean-Baptiste and raised him as his own son.

Antoine took the child to Valis, where he lived in seclusion, raising Jean-Baptiste as his son in a life of simple mystery. He steeped his adopted son in Catholic mysticism, all the while teaching him that there were other paths to wisdom besides the orthodox.

In 1180, a year of crop failure and avalanches led locals to take their wrath out on de la Croix. They dragged young Jean-Baptiste out of their house and torched the building. Jean-Baptiste dragged his “father” from the blaze and took him to a nearby monastery for help and healing. The priests there refused to help a heretic, however, and Antoine died in Jean-Baptiste’s arms.

Antoine de la Croix

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